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Founder Hannah Sookias

RT @twitter: Two new features now launching on Twitter: capture life as it happens with video and speak privately with a group: https://t.c…

Shocking truth: #NHS England is failing people with motor neurone disease #MND. Don’t let them die without a voice.

RT @mashable: You're not using Twitter's Discover tab to its full potential:

RT @FSBNottsDerbys: Reinvent your businesses marketing strategy - book now for FSB Derby's Marketing Boost Breakfast.

The 5 Numbers That Will Transform The Way You Market Your Business @FSBNottsDerbys 5 Feb 8am - see you there?

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Experience... Ideas... Empowerment

Through marketing consultancy and training, Sookias Media enables companies to understand their markets, identify their ideal customers and implement marketing activities to engage them.

For us, it’s about sharing our experience, giving you ideas and empowering you with the marketing skills and tools you need.

By taking an in-depth look at your business, we get to the heart of your brand, your customers and what you offer them - as well as understanding the people who make it all happen.

Some of our recommendations may surprise you. But they will all recognise your company’s uniqueness; engage clients and allow you to realise the full potential of your marketing activity. 

At Sookias Media, our pride is in your marketing success.

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