Marketing trends and predictions for 2019

Hannah Sookias 2019 marketing trends predictions
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Technology has developed rapidly in the past decade, changing forever the way businesses and brands market products and services. What will the future hold? Here are my personal predictions for the top five marketing trends to watch out for in 2019. Interactive marketing experiences. Traditionally, marketing and advertising was a ‘top-down’ activity: marketing managers created […]

The biggest reason marketing fails to convert into sales

Marketing follow up
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The answer? The biggest reason marketing fails to convert into sales is…. a lack of follow-up. It’s within our human nature to hope that when we do something we like, or that we are proud of, others will not only like it, too, but respond with enthusiasm and feel the same energy we do. How […]

Honesty pays

Honesty pays when marketing
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In traditional tales that have been handed down through the generations, there are ‘warnings’ in moral stories about making sure we behave well and that we don’t deceive others. Take Pinocchio whose nose grew every time he told a lie. Or the little boy who cried wolf in order to gain attention – then one […]

Are you marketing in the right language?

Effective marketing uses the right language for your customers
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Have you ever noticed that every business sector or industry has their own ‘special’ way of talking? They use language which is very specific to them; in fact, it becomes embedded in their culture to such a degree that the people within it don’t even realise that they may be being misunderstood by those outside […]