Why you need a marketing detective

Marketing Detective
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I’ve always loved reading Sherlock Holmes books and more recently, watching the modern version on TV. When I was at school I also wanted to be a police detective… until I realised that would mean dealing with actual criminals! However, I’ve recently been described by a Burton-based client as a ‘marketing detective’ and have to […]

We love marketing checklists!

At Sookias Media,, we love marketing checklists! Ask us why
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Exhibiting at an event this week reminded me how much I love the marketing checklists we’ve developed at Sookias Media. That’s because checklists help marketeeers do their jobs. Whether on a spreadsheet, as notes in your phone, printed forms or on apps such as Trello, they help us plan with precision so events and campaigns […]

Where’s your marketing taking you?

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Marketing is a journey that helps you both find new customers and develop the relationships and business you have with existing clients. Just as you would when planning a road trip, it runs more smoothly when you have an end in mind. In my experience, the more specific you can be in these objectives, the […]

Why your marketing needs an owl

Why you need an OWL as part of your marketing plan
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Whatever you need your marketing to achieve, it probably falls into one of the following three areas: increase leads develop new markets grow sales. The companies I work with are generally well-established and have a pattern of marketing that has been working well for them. However, they come for advice and insights as their sales […]

Making the Most of Trade Shows

exhibition stand
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I often meet companies who are disillusioned with exhibiting at trade shows due to the poor results they’ve generated. Trade shows are a great way of meeting potential customers and connecting with existing clients. However how you prepare and follow up is key to making a return on your investment, so here are my top […]

Marketing ‘road maps’ and why you need one

marketing strategy is like a road map
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In my experience, there’s nothing that pales faces quicker than the words ‘marketing strategy’. Generally, it’s because people aren’t entirely sure what a marketing strategy is, and whilst they’ve been told it’s a good idea to have one, they are unsure how to start, unclear on what to include and doubtful whether it will be […]

Can I say that on social media?

can i say that on social media
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When I’m giving social media training I’m always asked what should and shouldn’t be posted. My advice is quite simple: Remember that your social media accounts are often the first ‘touch point’ people have of you and your company. First impressions count! When you post on social media for a company, follow your social media policy […]

Cross-selling: the art of getting more sales from existing customers

marketing cross-selling
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It’s often said that it’s more cost-effective to keep new customers than attract new ones. Research indicates that not only does the cost of acquiring a new customer costs five to ten times more, but repeat customers spend, on average, 67% more. So how do you both keep your customers and get them to buy more? This […]

Grow your marketing results

Growing your marketing results
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We gave away these aluminium tubes at a business expo yesterday. Intriguing little things aren’t they? Many people stopped and asked us what was in them. People who’d seen others with them came and asked if they could also have one. I’d love to say they contain magic marketing dust… but they are actually desktop […]