How to choose a web designer

I recently answered a question on LinkedIn about what I look for on a web-agency’s website. I speak to several people each week who how to choose a web designer, so thought it would be worth me giving some pointers.


  1. Look at their website. Do you like it? Does it convey the image you are trying to create or aspire to?
  2. Does the home page tell you the benefits of using them over someone else?
  3. Is it easy to find out what they actually do… and are there clear links to their ‘What we do/about us’ sections
  4. Does their site use clear, simple language? The best sites use language that is suitable for a reading age of about 13. This is because it is quicker to scan ‘simple’ text encouraging visitors to read more than a site full of detailed technical writing.
  5. Does their ‘What we do’ section should have brief summaries of all their services with ‘read more’ links to more technical pages explaining them in greater detail? This is because it is often a a non-technical person who initially searches for a web agency. However, the more detailed, nitty-gritty techincal stuff should be there in case you want your IT person to check they know what they are talking about).
  6. Are there examples for you to check out? Do they work for many organisations? Do they have experience of companies like yours?

If they tick all the boxes, meet with them. Don’t be pressurised into using their in-house designers – if you want to use your own graphics designer to ensure your brand identity, they should accept this and be happy to work with them.

Also, think about the text for your website. I strongly believe that the hardest job is to write about your own company. Using a specialist copywriting company, like The Write Solution will help you create the right tone for your site and produce the text in a fraction of the time it will take you. Experienced writers will be used to liaising with you (the client) as well as a graphics designer and website designer – at The Write Solution, we often project manage the website development process because we are in this central role.

I hope this helps! Do feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more. Hannah Sookias, Tel: 01283 808460 or email