What is copywriting and why should you use a copywriter?

Copywriting – whether it is the text for a website, brochure, sales letter or press release – is a moment of opportunity to bring an important message to your potential clients and existing customers.

What you say needs to have impact. It needs to be interesting so people read it. But often what we want to say is different to what people want to read about.

Professional copywriters can unscramble your thoughts and put them in a way that will wow your customers. They take your messages and put them into words that will attract attention, spark their interest, ignite desire and prompt them to take action (the AIDA effect). Copywriters will your message in the right words so you achieve successful promotions.

The best wordsmiths understand how communication works. They take into account that different people have different learning preferences and ensure that their copywriting takes this into account. They will weave into their writing visual, auditory and kinaesthetic phrases to avoid missing a large proportion of your target market.

Often, updating the words in your brochure, on your website or in your sales letters gets pushed aside by the day-to-day tasks that often overrun the marketing manager or owner of a business. Using a copywriter means that you will have your new words ready when you need them – on time and within budget.

It takes just one call or email to start communicating with your customers on a new level by using the right words to promote your messages…

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