How can social networking help my business?

Let’s start with another question: What do most people do first when they are looking for information?

Yes, you guessed it – they search the internet using sites such as Google, Yahoo and AOL. Using blogs, social networking sites, digital PR and e-marketing in your business will give you:

    • More opportunities to be found on-line by potential customers when using search engines
    • Additional links and entry points into your website
    • The ability to give useful information that can be used in their decision making process
    • The opportunity for third party recommendations and reviews
    • The ability to engage and converse with customers throughout their buying process and life as a customer.

Social networking (using sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) allow you to converse with people interested in the products and services you offer and help you to answer their questions, increase your brand awareness and build their trust in your company.

They can also help to boost your search engine rankings as you will be piggy-backing on the social networking sites’ search engine optimisation (SEO) activities.

For example, uploading a video onto YouTube, then embedding it onto your own site helps people to see what you do as a company as well as giving them more opportunities to find you (because YouTube is checked more regularly by Google than your own site will be).

A mention of a new video on your blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed will also encourage people to take a look.

Best of all, you will be able to see which social media sites are best at attracting business, by looking at your website’s analytics to see how people are accessing your site.

It is important to remember that for digital PR to be effective, it must be planned into your marketing mix, just like any other form of promotion. That way, your messages will be consistent and more effective as the traditional and new media promotions will boost and build upon each other.

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