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The Unwritten Rules of Social Media #3 – Don’t Sell

Unwritten rules of social media #3 - Don't Sell
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So, the unwritten rules we have looked at so far are #1 Use the right profile picture, #2 How to write updates. We now turn to the biggest rule for businesses: Unwritten Rule #3 – Don’t Sell Now you are probably wondering why unwritten rule #3 is don’t sell. After all, companies use social media […]

The Unwritten Rules of Social Media #2 – How to Write Updates

the unwritten rules of social media #2 - how to write social media updates
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Last time, we learned that the first unwritten rule is about using the right profile picture. Here’s number 2: Unwritten Rule # 2 – How to write updates Social media is all about communicating and how you write your updates will really depend why you are using the site in the first place. For personal […]