Finding Your Ideal Customers

Finding Your Ideal Customers

I’m a firm believer in people buy from people. I enjoy meeting prospective clients but how I make the initial contact varies: it’s often through social media, exhibitions, conferences and carefully selected networking events.

It‘s easy to waste time, money and energy looking for your ideal customers in the wrong place. 

Let me give you an example. I enjoy networking but the groups I belonged to when I first set up are no longer appropriate. I can have a nice meal and talk to some interesting people but I won’t be gaining any business from them because they have a micro business membership base who work with other micro businesses. 

So these days, I do network, but I go to events where I meet the decision makers from SMEs. I use Twitter and LinkedIn to engage with prospective clients, influencers and referrers.

I also use my speaking skills and regularly give Top Tips talks for the Federation of Small Businesses, at exhibitions and conferences in addition to emailing newsletters and running training courses on all aspects of marketing. 

I have a clear understanding of who is my ideal customer. This includes the types of company they work in, the positions they hold as well as where they go for help, what they read, how they like to engage as well plus an in-depth insight into their marketing needs. 

Top Tip: Review your marketing activities. Are they finding you your ideal clients? If not, take an in-depth view of who you want as customers and how best to reach them.

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