Shortened stories & why you should know them

MND Association Shortened Stories 2016

Jill Thake 1945-2001

Jill Thake 1945-2001

15 years ago, I never dreamed I would be writing that statement.

15 years ago, I thought my mum would see her (then only) grandson grow up.

15 years ago today, I’d never heard of Motor Neurone Disease.

15 years ago – in September 2001 – my mum was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

15 years ago, she died in November 2001 aged 56.

15 years ago, there was no cure for MND. Today, there is still no cure.

15 years ago, the MND Association was researching for the cause of MND and helped families like mine to understand the disease and supported us during my mum’s shortened story.

15 years later they continue to help other families, fund research, raise awareness and campaign for both better health & social care services as well as the raise awareness and funds to continue their work.

June 2016 is the MND Awareness Month. Every day they will be sharing stories of people whose lives have been, or will be, cut short by Motor Neurone Disease.  Please take 5 minutes to read them and join me in helping them to achieve a world free of MND.

I hope in 15 years time there will be no more shortened stories.

Thank you.


Sookias Media is proud to support the Motor Neurone Disease Association as its primary charity and work on fundraising campaigns such as Tea4MND. You can follow the Tea4MND campaign on the special Facebook and Twitter pages or by using the hashtag #SelfTea4MND.