Why your marketing needs an owl

Why you need an OWL as part of your marketing plan

Whatever you need your marketing to achieve, it probably falls into one of the following three areas:

  • increase leads
  • develop new markets
  • grow sales.

The companies I work with are generally well-established and have a pattern of marketing that has been working well for them. However, they come for advice and insights as their sales might have plateaued; their once-rich source of leads is beginning to dry up; or, their efforts to extend their products into new markets may not be as successful as they had hoped.

They come to me for independent insight and advice. I nick-name my approach an OWL audit because it provides:

  • An Outwards-in view of the company’s marketing and the effectiveness of it
  • Insight into What is working well; and what’s not
  • Level-headed advice and recommendations.

Giving innovative ideas based on my experience of what works, we then work to develop the marketing objectives, strategy and plans needed to meet the company’s business objectives.

If your marketing needs an OWL marketing audit, please contact us for a no-obligation proposal. Hannah Sookias has worked in marketing and product introduction for over 20 years. Using her experience from European Marketing Director, Interim Marketing Director and Marketing Consulting roles, she helps you to understand the effectiveness of your marketing and how to increase the returns from it. By bringing fresh ideas based on experience of what works you can inject new life into your marketing to increase leads, grow sales and develop new markets.