We love marketing checklists!

At Sookias Media,, we love marketing checklists! Ask us why

Exhibiting at an event this week reminded me how much I love the marketing checklists we’ve developed at Sookias Media.

That’s because checklists help marketeeers do their jobs.

Whether on a spreadsheet, as notes in your phone, printed forms or on apps such as Trello, they help us plan with precision so events and campaigns run smoothly.

They help us remember the small stuff that makes the big stuff work; whether it’s the pens to help data capture at a trade show, spare batteries / chargers to enable presentations on the go down to post-it notes to aid the build and breakdown of stands (in case you are wondering, we use them to number boxes and/or the order things need to be done).

If you’d like a complimentary copy of our event checklist to help plan your next trade show or exhibition to ensure maximum return on investment, please contact Hannah Sookias 01283 808460 | hello@sookiasmedia.com.