Why you need a marketing detective

Marketing Detective

I’ve always loved reading Sherlock Holmes books and more recently, watching the modern version on TV. When I was at school I also wanted to be a police detective… until I realised that would mean dealing with actual criminals!

However, I’ve recently been described by a Burton-based client as a ‘marketing detective’ and have to say that I rather like that description! That’s because  I help companies to investigate their current marketing to find out what’s been working well, and what hasn’t. I help them develop ‘identikits’ so they have brand personas for their ideal customers.

I help them hunt through the clues given by their marketing results (e.g. Google analytics, email marketing and social media engagement) to build up a realistic picture of what’s happening. And I also help them to plan how they are going to ‘catch’ their ideal customers with messages and promotions that attract their attention and make them want to find out more.

It also got me thinking of a new tag-line for when I meet with my Derby-based referral group. So here it is: “If your promotions aren’t bing effective, simply call me, your marketing detective!”