Know what you want to be known for

Be clear on what you want to be known for

In my last blog post, ‘Be clear on what your business does’ , I discussed the need to be clear about what it is your business actually provides. I thought I would lead on from that to consider the idea of asking you to think about whether you know what it is you want your existing or potential clients to remember about you. When people think about a certain product or service, will they think about contacting you? Or, will they contact someone else?

It’s always worthwhile trying to keep abreast of what your competitors are doing. How are they marketing themselves? Are they marketing a specific product or service? Why? How? Who is their target audience? Is it the same as yours? Do they want to be known for the same things as you?

Remember, it’s important to make sure you have a clear, coherent message across all of your marketing materials and activities. Make what you want to be remembered for stand out really clearly. There’s no room for doubt when marketing a business – potential customers need to feel they can trust you to deliver exactly what you say you will.

So, it may be a product you want to be remembered for, but make sure you talk about the benefits and not just the features. Customers want to know how you can help them. How is what you offer different to that of someone else they have used? They may have used, or be currently using, one of your direct competitors.

No doubt you’re proud of the service you provide, but again mention the benefits as well as the features; be clear about what aspects of the service you want to be remembered for.

Ask yourself: ‘What do we want our business to be known for?’ Take steps to make it happen.

If you would like any help or advice on how to ensure your business is clear about what it wants to be known for, and how to deliver it effectively to your target audience, call Hannah on 01283 808460, or email