Benefits, benefits, benefits…

How to make your marketing more interesting

In other words: how to make your marketing interesting to your potential clients!

How many times have you listened to someone, or read an article where the person just tells you what they do and how good they are? Several hundred times I would think! We’ve all been there, and quite frankly, it’s a little tedious isn’t it? If you’re thinking, ‘Oops, I’ve done that’, then never fear… there’s still time to change.

So, instead of just telling people about you and your business (which are your ‘features’), you need to start adding the ‘benefits’ of what you do. People want to know how you can help them. How can you help them with their ‘pain point’, that particular area they are struggling with. Clients want someone to come along and take their ‘pain’ away by giving them a solution.

What will you gain out of telling others about the benefits of your products or services? Well, as your customer base grows, you will see an increase in turnover, sales and profitability. You may even find that your business is running more effectively and efficiently as you will become increasingly more focused on targeting the needs of your clients, providing benefits to their organisations, and gaining repeat business. You may find that you need to invest more money and resources into certain key areas of your business, but eventually you will be saving time and money as your structures and processes become more streamlined.

Discussing the benefits of what you provide is an easy marginal gain. By starting now to look at your marketing collateral, like your brochure, leaflet, and your website, begin to alter the wording so that they don’t just say who you are, what you do and how good you are – add a few phrases or sentences to say how you can be of help. Tell others about how you can solve their problems. This is what customers really want to hear.

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