Why you need to trial test and measure your marketing

Measuring your marketing

In this fast-paced world of business, we become so absorbed in the flood of our day-to-day tasks – customer demands, suppliers, telephone calls, emails, our staff’s needs, to name a few, that we can often find it difficult to step back from it all and take an overview. Are you moving in the right direction? Is your vision clear? Are your people meeting your objectives?

One of the steps an effective leader should take is to take time to reflect on the business and take measures to improve it where necessary, engaging your staff in any proactive activities you undertake. The business world is a continuum: it’s dynamic, constantly evolving and changing, so you need to keep in touch with what’s happening. Are there any latest developments in technology which may change the way consumers think, or buy? What are your competitors doing? How does your product or service measure up in an ever-changing market?

Including a marketing process whereby you measure how your business is shaping up is a fundamental basis of every piece of marketing. Carrying out trials to gauge the market, and your target audience, is a good way of gaining information before you even start a marketing campaign.Every part of your marketing, whether that be online advertising (website or social media platforms), or hard-copy collateral (such as brochures and leaflets) should be measurable – know where you’re starting, gauge how you’re doing, tweak it if necessary, get some feedback, then measure your success. And repeat. Not all of your marketing campaigns will work immediately, but it’s a case of monitoring, evaluating and measuring each time.

If you don’t have a Marketing team, you could allocate a certain member, or group, of staff to oversee the monitoring of your marketing activities. They should give feedback to you on what did and what didn’t work. The secret is not to become despondent if a particular campaign didn’t go as well as you had hoped; they say that on average it takes 7 ‘touches’ to close a sale. Just keep monitoring, evaluating and getting as much feedback as you can in order to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Sometimes, comments from consumers can alter your product or service. An example of this is Nest; they used an online survey site and asked their target audience one question:“How high is your ceiling?” The answers they gained were invaluable as they helped them to work out an average size for a particular appliance.

It’s a changing world. To achieve success, every part of your marketing should be measurable. 

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