Stand out from the crowd!

Stand out from the crowd

‘Everyone else in my sector markets in a similar way. Should I do the same to ‘fit in’, or to show that I can do it equally as well?’ This is a commonly asked question. After all, everyone else does it, so why shouldn’t you? Well, one could say that it’s certainly a ‘safe’ bet, but will the amount of time and money you spend on this type of marketing have the effects, or outcomes, you desire? Will it lead to better business, more leads and clients, and ultimately more sales? Or, will it just produce the same results year-on-year?

We all get bored if there’s no variety in our lives. We go about our daily business, not taking notice of the same things we see every day because, well, it’s ‘there’ and never alters. But what if it did? Would it make you sit up and take notice? Yes…it would re-engage you, awakening your senses. So, why not do the same thing with the way you market your business?

You could ask your customers what they like, and what bores them! Give them more of what they like, but see how you can keep improving it, too. How can you market something differently to them? Surprise them! Do something personal for them that’s a little bit different, like sending them a handwritten note. People will be able to see that you have taken time to write it, and it isn’t just one of thousands churned out of a printer. So, new doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. There are many ways you can be innovative and creative without breaking the budget. Get your thinking cap on!

Certainly, just by finding a different way to market to your target audience, you will start to notice a difference, not only in the response to your efforts, but also to the energy and ‘buzz’ it creates from daring to try something new, or different. It will certainly make your competitors sit up and take notice, too!

Dare to be different; don’t be afraid to try something new.

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