Honesty pays

Honesty pays when marketing

In traditional tales that have been handed down through the generations, there are ‘warnings’ in moral stories about making sure we behave well and that we don’t deceive others. Take Pinocchio whose nose grew every time he told a lie. Or the little boy who cried wolf in order to gain attention – then one day the wolf appeared and no one would take any notice of him! ‘Very interesting,’ I hear you say, ’but how is that relevant to marketing my business?’

Well, like all traditional tales, they aren’t just stories to entertain us; they are there to make us think about the deeper meanings and implications of our daily interactions with each other. Quite simply – if you aren’t honest with people, one day it will come back to ‘bite’ you. So, this is incredibly relevant to the business world. No one likes a fake; it’s always better to be honest and genuine. Can you imagine the catastrophic results it would have on your business if one of your staff thought it was ok to embellish, or stretch, the truth a little? Where does that stop? Is it stretched so far that it becomes difficult to reel it back in when people begin to notice that what your company is saying about its products or services is untrue?

When marketing your business make the most of the positive aspects of what you do. Always talk about the benefits and not just the features. In this way, your audience will be immediately drawn in to how you can help them. You don’t need to mention any negatives, but you could try to turn them into positives. For instance, instead of thinking: ‘I can’t mention the new concept we have that doesn’t work yet, and we’re not quite sure how we are going to solve the issues we have’, you could word it to say that you are working on a new, exciting concept which is at development stage. You are still being totally honest.

People like honesty. With honesty and respect, reputation grows. Your existing clients will return to you, and you will gain new customers who are looking for reliable people to work with.

Market yourself in an honest way; it really does pay!

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