The biggest reason marketing fails to convert into sales

Marketing follow up

The answer? The biggest reason marketing fails to convert into sales is…. a lack of follow-up.

It’s within our human nature to hope that when we do something we like, or that we are proud of, others will not only like it, too, but respond with enthusiasm and feel the same energy we do. How many times have you felt exhilarated, just to be ’popped’ like a balloon, when the response wasn’t exactly what you would have liked or expected? It’s all too easy to market a product or a service, then just hope that someone rings you up or drops you an email.

The thing is, we can’t survive on hope alone, or be ‘one-hit-wonders’. Yes, people may  like what you do very much, but it’s so easy for them to walk away to find the next source of entertainment, information, or advice. Whether personal or business, we need to be proactive and keep our audience interested in who we are and what we do – and how we can help them.

When marketing your business, decide who your target audience is. This way you can be more specific and less generalistic, being able to say exactly what you want to say and to whom.  Remember, don’t just tell your audience about the features, tell them the benefits of how you can help them. How are you going to differ from your competitors? Why should people buy from you and not someone else?

Don’t just give up if your marketing campaign hasn’t resulted in many responses first time; keep drip-feeding your audience. Eventually, the ‘snowball effect’ will kick in and take momentum as your target audience begins to see your name more regularly, which will spark their curiosity. After an exhibition, trade fair, or event, remember to follow-up on any leads you gained. When chatting to people, remember to ask them if you can keep their details, just to make sure you conform to the latest GDPR requirements. If someone said they would contact you, don’t just rely on them to remember to do it. They may be so busy that they just genuinely forget. Of course, there is a fine line to be had – leave a few days in-between; don’t ‘pounce’ on them as it may appear obtrusive and too ‘hard-sell’. Always follow-up after a marketing campaign. You can’t just leave it to ‘hope’ alone.

Keep going with your marketing; don’t give up. Always follow-up on your marketing leads.  

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