Marketing trends and predictions for 2019

Hannah Sookias 2019 marketing trends predictions

Technology has developed rapidly in the past decade, changing forever the way businesses and brands market products and services. What will the future hold? Here are my personal predictions for the top five marketing trends to watch out for in 2019.

  1. Interactive marketing experiences.
    Traditionally, marketing and advertising was a ‘top-down’ activity: marketing managers created an advert and put it out there. Today’s consumers want to be engaged and entertained. Many marketing campaigns have become ‘experiences’, incorporating games, videos, quizzes and augmented reality. If you give people a fun, memorable and positive experience they’ll come back for more. Innocent Drinks has been a leader in this area for years with interactive fun online and real-world events such as its free unplugged festival. Your customers also expect you to use their feedback to improve your products and services.
  2. Visual and voice searches.
    Pinterest Lens is a visual search tool that uses your smartphone camera in the mobile app for the image-based social media channel, Pinterest. For example, point it at a pair of shoes and it will show you where you can buy them and ideas of what to wear with them. Point and click at a type of food and it will bring back recipes. Meanwhile, ComScore says that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches. The rise of smart speakers continues with Amazon’s Alexa crashing on Christmas Day because of the sheer volume of people plugging in their new voice-controlled virtual assistants. Google has focused on ‘micro moments’, helping consumers with their “I want to go…” “I want to do….” “I want to buy…” and “I want to know…” queries as quickly and accurately as possible.  Businesses need to be found through all these searches. This means they have to focus on the questions people are asking and create content that gets them found.
  3. More storytelling in social media.
    Storytelling has become a major part of successful marketing campaigns in recent years. Snapchat was the first social media channel to launch ‘stories’ and was quickly followed by Instagram and Facebook. Now YouTube has launched Reels, its take on the concept of using stories on social media. You could feature your employees, show the story behind the making of a product or even ask for reviews about your business. Remember, it’s still true that ‘people buy from people’. Show the human face of your business this year.
  4. Influencer marketing.
    Big brands regularly use celebrity ambassadors to endorse their products and services. Smaller businesses can use this strategy but without the need for household names. A successful brand ambassador can be someone known in your local area, or with a respected track record in your sector. It could be a real customer whose story will convince potential customers that you can make their life easier or better.
  5. Zero-Party Data.
    Tighter privacy legislation, including the GDPR regulations, has marked the end of businesses selling and re-using customers’ contact details and personal information. The new marketing landscape sees customers happily giving you their details and permission to contact them in exchange for a more personalised service and recommendations that save them time, make their lives easier and result in purchases they love. This is what’s called zero-party data. It’s all about trust…. earn it and keep it by offering your audience something of real value.

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