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The biggest reason marketing fails to convert into sales

Marketing follow up
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The answer? The biggest reason marketing fails to convert into sales is…. a lack of follow-up. It’s within our human nature to hope that when we do something we like, or that we are proud of, others will not only like it, too, but respond with enthusiasm and feel the same energy we do. How […]

What’s In It For Me?

what's in it for me
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I’m often heard saying, “Stop promoting features. Start sharing benefits!” This is because people want to know what’s in it for them before they buy. It’s the answer to ‘Why should I bother?’ question. Whilst simply stating all the features of your products or services tells people what you do, is like asking someone to […]

Why the key to marketing is… passion!

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Remember why you joined/set up your company. See how you can translate these reasons into  your marketing. Ask your best customers why they are like your products and services. Ask them to be your champions through customer reference calls, video testimonials and quotes. Keep up the momentum so your marketing continues even when you’re having […]