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Are you searching for clients in the wrong place?

New perspectives
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When I first set up Sookias Media, one of my early clients was a carpet cleaning company. They wanted more domestic clients but only seemed to find office jobs through their current advertising. We started with an in-depth discussion about who would be their ideal domestic customer – families with kids and dogs. I asked […]

Turning around the screen to improve your marketing

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My family has been playing a phone game called ‘Flow’. You need to plot a path to match the coloured dots, without crossing the path of another.  An example is shown here. Simple enough, yet sometimes it seems really difficult to see how the puzzle can be solved.  A technique we’ve discovered is to rotate […]

Finding your ideal customers

finding your ideal customer
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I’m a firm believer in people buy from people. I enjoy meeting prospective clients but how I make the initial contact varies: it’s often through social media, exhibitions, conferences and carefully selected networking events. It’s easy to waste time, money and energy looking for your ideal customers in the wrong place.  Let me give you an […]

What’s In It For Me?

what's in it for me
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I’m often heard saying, “Stop promoting features. Start sharing benefits!” This is because people want to know what’s in it for them before they buy. It’s the answer to ‘Why should I bother?’ question. Whilst simply stating all the features of your products or services tells people what you do, is like asking someone to […]