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Where’s your marketing taking you?

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Marketing is a journey that helps you both find new customers and develop the relationships and business you have with existing clients. Just as you would when planning a road trip, it runs more smoothly when you have an end in mind. In my experience, the more specific you can be in these objectives, the […]

Grow your marketing results

Growing your marketing results
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We gave away these aluminium tubes at a business expo yesterday. Intriguing little things aren’t they? Many people stopped and asked us what was in them. People who’d seen others with them came and asked if they could also have one. I’d love to say they contain magic marketing dust… but they are actually desktop […]

Marketing briefs

Marketing Briefs
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“Carefully written marketing briefs will help you gain maximum ROI from design, website builds, PR, and more.”   This was one of the most popular marketing tips I posted on Twitter this month; probably because it mentions the term Return on Investment (ROI). Many companies invest a great deal of money with firms supplying new […]